Yesterday at Jägermeister Rock:Liga.

The “fight” between Crystal Castle X Shitdisco X Metronomy.

I got a problem to buy tickets, they were sold out, but in the end I found someone to sell me.
When I got inside Crystal Castle was playing already and the stage was very dark, the Die Röhre is a small place. But to get close was hard and very difficult to see the group, besides the vocalist and the other boy was too a guy playing drums. The singer Alice Glass has a good presence on the stage, jumps, get crazy, more scream then sing. I like it a lot, mainly the musics were with different version and it added on the concert.

Later came Shitdisco, was ok, not much impact and the public react slow. Then came Metronomy, which I was more expcting to see. The british band opened whith the song Holiday from the last cd, as mostlly of the songs played. Nice moments to Heartbreak and Radio ladio the people singing together was very nice. The only bad thing they didnt play Trick or Treatz music which inspired this blog. The group is more mature presentation, has music better develops and translate nice ideas as it fells from the last cd Night Out.

Metronomy - the best presentation

In the end the canadians Crystal Castle won the competition and the people went away, could talk with some nice germans.  About the people was nice too see the young germans from Stuttgart who likes indie/rock/electro and a lots of different kind of people at the same place. Some was clear the need to show I’m different and need to get a crazy hair, eyeglasses or clothes. My opinion a bit too much, but good at same hand once the germans are a too serius on the look.

Looking forward now to see Digitalism in Munich 1st Nov.


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