Saturday I went to see ROMAN FLÜGEL (Alter Ego) at the Rocker 33 in Stuttgart, I had seen him twice, at the Nokia Trends and to the Paradise after hourse at D.edge, both in São Paulo. And for me was one of the best sets I had heard in my life beside the people where there having soo much fun, only who went there know how was it.

The club Rocker 33 here in Stuttgart is very nice, the night was smooth at the beginning. Until Flügel got at the records. He opened with Tocadisco – Morumbi (Popoof Mix) AMAZING!!! And for there on a mix of tech house and some progressive. German DJ’s are the best, they know how make/apreciate/fell the eletronic music. I’m so glad to be living here!!! He played about 3 hours most, changing song to song with a spetacular tecnik.

Here are some pictures and the party went later in a after hours, some people from the party and lots of fun.

A late post…this week had been busy….

The Podcast its coming……


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