Saturday 01st I went to Die Registratur in Munich to see one of my favorite dj’s DIGITALISM.

The organization to get inside was terrible (took about 40 minutes to get in and soo much crash with the people), in end everybody got there and after sometime in the night they opened to the public without pay. People on the clubs seems to forget they are payed to take organization and well invirement of the things.

The party got one of the best I have been. The guys played for almost 4 hours, they drove the people to the most crazy way. Everybody together dancing and jumping. I never saw people moving the DJ table, I thought the place they were was going to fall down!!!


Loved the way they mixed the songs, this was not new, but live is diferent. They went to sofistcaded spank rock to eletro, progressive, old songs (Deepche was amazing) and even house!! I would say Digitalism got the people in some way after 1:30 de set and kept around 2 hours in a wonderful way, hard to describe. The old thing: Only know who was there.


The 3 versions, and small times, of Pogo (yes 3 times) was WONDERFULL, specially the last one, the picture was took when they hide in the middle before and then the big explosion everybody jump.


At the Zdarligh, Isi got up on the DJ table and took people more higher.


And nothing like see a DJ playing on they on county surround of friends and people how follow they job for so long.




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